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Tribe Studio specializes in research, design and construction of Wix sites.

Building online stores, corporate websites, marketing sites, organic Google promotion, site upgrades.

We know how to understand the business needs and build a website that will promote it and lead it to success. We maintain a comfortable, useful and efficient user experience and create an impressive online presence for our clients.

Beyond that, we offer a range of services designed to streamline and promote the business, and drive it to success.

Our prices are competitive prices, and our work creates a social impact.

All our sites are built on the Wix platform..

Tribe studio | Web design | Illustration

Our Services

Designing and building a new website

One-time upgrade operations

Tribe studio | Illustration

 ?Don't  have a website yet

After a comprehensive clarification of the business needs and the corresponding image, we will come to a decision on the design language of the site.

We will build the different pages according to the design, emphasizing proper navigation between the different sections and a pleasant and understandable user experience.

Whether it's a corporate website, store, portfolio or content site - you'll get a unique site that fits your particular needs.

At the end of the process, we will guide you on how to manage their site themselves, and we will have you available if you need repairs or changes.

To give a push forward

Promotion: A thorough and in-depth job of tailoring the site to search engines, embedding words, tags, images and more.

Content: Posts, articles, marketing content adjustment, weekly or monthly newsletter.

Customer Management: streamlining and importing customer lists, automated email system, on-site automation.

Tutorials: How to build a website, maintain your website, promote Google and more

User Experience: Upgrading your site structure and design to better serve your needs.

Website Extensions: Invitation system, event or course registration, chat or forum, blog or store addition.

Ongoing site maintenance

A site that is always up to date

If the site needs to be updated often we will be happy to upload and edit content and images, and also make sure it is always matched to search engines and accessibility rules.

If you have a blog, or a user-updated system, if you need regular mailing for customers - we will be happy to manage these content updates regularly as part of a monthly retention.

We also work with content women who can write content to the site if needed.


Tribe studio | To fill the void
To fill the void

A supportive community for women who have had a quiet birth,

Blog, Database updated

Business owners offer supportive activities on their behalf through a form on the website. All details are stored in a database and displayed directly on the site after system approval.

The user can filter the products according to interests.

Kermit Theater
Theater performances, classes and directing and production services, for children and adults
Upgrading a small three-page website to a content-rich site, where all theater activity is spread out according to its various areas. For each color field of its own, and for each separate page activity that may be used as an independent landing page.
Tribe studio | Kermit Theater
מים בששון בעיצוב טרייב סטודיו
Maim Besason
Water Sports Activity Center

A course system for different target audiences, with links to an external registration system. Using Wix Events for special event management, quick registration for courses.

The entire system is built so that customers can manage all information independently, without interfering with the design.

MLwell lab
Academic Research Lab
Website for a research lab with a list of classified publications that is connected to a database and can be filtered by topic.
Tribe studio | MLwell lab

...Beyond the warm and personal treatment I received from the entire team, I gained a professional, charming website and exactly according to my needs and desires.

The process was pleasant and fun and the result is stunning...

Efrat Krmzin Weissman, Kermit theater

Tribe studio | Web design | Illustration
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